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Ace of Pentacles Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings

By Tina Gong


Ace of Pentacles Keywords

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords
new opportunities, resources, abundance, prosperity, security, stability, manifestation missed chances, scarcity, deficiency, instability, stinginess, bad investments
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Ace of Pentacles Meaning - Original Rider Waite Tarot Depiction

Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

In this card, there is a single mysterious hand that comes out of the clouds. In the hand is what looks like a gold coin with a pentagram engraved on its surface. This pentacle is associated with the element of earth, and seen as a sign of wealth and all things material and earthly. Below the hand is a garden which appears to be flourishing with flowers and other kinds of vegetation - giving off the aura of fertility, growth and prosperity. The mountain represents the ambition required to drive one's search for the pentacle. The flowing creek seem to indicate that emotions are flowing towards this ambition. 

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Upright Ace of Pentacles Meaning

The aces in the tarot are all indicative of new beginnings. When you draw any of them, it means that you are at a point in your life where a new cycle is beginning - you are about to start afresh.

Because the suit of pentacles is primarily concerned with all things material (not just financial, but also with the sensual), this reset could manifest itself as a new career, the undertaking of a new venture, or the start of putting more care into your health. Wherever this beginning takes place, the Ace of Pentacles assures that what is to come will bring great abundance and opportunity. 

Watering this seed has the potential to be very rewarding - for anything that is grown on this energy is meant to be stable, secure and give a good yield.

To see the Ace of Pentacles indicates a seed being planted in the material world, in your feelings of security and stability. Like a seed, this opportunity must also be nurtured, and sometimes invested in with energy, time or funds. Watering this seed has the potential to be very rewarding - for anything that is grown on this energy is meant to be stable, secure and give a good yield. Prosperity is coming your way.

One also has to make sure that they are psychologically prepared for the opportunities that are appearing. To be able to harvest the gift of the pentacles, we need to be filled with the calm that stability brings - this is a kind of spiritual prosperity, if you will. This kind of mindset can mean we become open to trying new things and not sticking to the old, washed out routine.

Upright Love Meaning Upright Career Meaning Upright Finances Meaning
steady loving relationship, abundance and prosperity in love, privileged couple new work or business opportunities investing in future, new financial journey

Tarot Love Meaning - Upright Ace of Pentacles 

A love that is loyal, lasting and practical is suggested by this card. The pentacles are related to the element of earth, which gives relationships a steady, generous, and reliable quality. Couples may find that their relationships give them a feeling of stability and security, and its influence gives them the confidence to take risks and explore. This gives lovers a feeling of independence, and allows each to thrive as individuals, while bringing more back to the relationship. Relationships may feel prosperous and abundant, and you and your lover may feel lucky and privileged to enjoy life together. If you’re single, make sure to take care of your practical life as well, as this will give you the foundation you need to find a love that can flourish.

Career Meaning - Upright Ace of Pentacles

New opportunities are available to you now, that can secure you a better job, or a higher position in your existing company. Should you take your chances, and work hard, you may be rewarded with a promotion, a business venture, or a job that truly fulfills you. Since it’s an Ace, this card signals beginnings, and these changes can mark the start of a new adventure or era for you. Good energy is coming your way; you should welcome it like a breath of fresh air. 

Finances Meaning - Upright Ace of Pentacles

What investments are you making towards your future? The Ace of Pentacles signals financial opportunities or new financial journeys. Consider this card as a seed; you are being given the chance to take this seed and grow it into something that can sustain you in the long-term. Try and make the most of it, by learning more about your finances, or putting away some savings for the future. If you’re really lucky, this card can also signify some kind of windfall or financial gifts coming your way.

Reversed Ace of Pentacles Meaning

Though the Ace of Pentacles usually heralds an opportunity of some sort that would lead to great gains, to see it reversed can mean that this might be a poor investment, requiring much more resources than you had initially reserved - or alternatively, you might be missing your chance.

When one gets a reversed Ace of Pentacles, it may mean that they are about to face hard financial times as well as a lot of elusive opportunities. At this time, you are being advised against taking large financial risks and to think all your choices through when you are given a deal. 

It might also be a good time for an individual to seek advice from others and avoid making rushed decisions since the time isn’t just right. It wouldn’t be a good time for one to jump into a new job or business opportunity - especially if the main motivation for joining is to pursue prospects of higher financial gain. It might just be an illusion that can lead to your downfall.

Reversed Love Meaning Reversed Career Meaning Reversed Finances Meaning
loss of emotional stability, money issues in relationship missed work opportunities, invested in wrong career scarcity, bad financial decisions

Tarot Love Meaning - Reversed Ace of Pentacles 

The reversed Ace of Pentacles Tarot Love Meaning can suggest that a relationship that once gave you a sense of stability may instead be making you feel anxious and vulnerable. There may be concerns about finances that are creeping into the relationship, which can make the two of you feel unstable. Sometimes, this can be alleviated with an honest discussion and a game plan moving forward. Other times, the material or practical worries that you are dealing with now can be temporary, and solved with some careful budgeting. If you’re not in a relationship, be wary of people that seem selfish, greedy or willing to take advantage of you. This card can also simply signal missed romantic opportunities.

Career Meaning - Reversed Ace of Pentacles

Did you feel like you missed your chance to get that promotion you have been coveting? There is likely to be some sort of feeling of instability or missed opportunities with the reversed Ace of Pentacles. You may not feel like you’re doing well in your job, and you may be paranoid about getting fired for poor performance. Some of this may be impostor syndrome, but some concerns may be real. You’ll need to take a realistic look at yourself. You may also be feeling as though you haven’t spent your time wisely, and made some bad decisions in your career path. You haven’t invested in a career that has brought you material and emotional rewards. It’s not too late to change that; think more about what you’d like to do.

Finances Meaning - Reversed Ace of Pentacles

If you haven't been focusing or looking at your finances recently, now may be the time. Poor planning may have meant that you have made some bad financial decisions. This can be a time of scarcity for you; you’ll have to learn how to pinch pennies in order to make it through. At worst, this can indicate a financial emergency; you may not be ready for it.

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Ace of Pentacles Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings Cheat Sheet. Art from Golden Thread Tarot.

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