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Knight of Pentacles Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings

By Tina Gong


Knight of Pentacles Keywords

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords
practical, reliable, efficient, stoic, slow and steady, hard-working, committed, patient, conservative workaholic, laziness, dull, boring, no initiative, cheap, irresponsible, gambler, risky investments
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Knight of Pentacles Meaning - Original Rider Waite Tarot Depiction

Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

Much like the other court cards of this suit, the Knight of Pentacles revolves around work, effort, and a general responsibility. The Knight of Pentacles sits on a dark horse in a field. Unlike the other knights, who are always off on one adventure or another, this knight decides to stay home, and instead, focus on tilling the fields. He prepares for the next harvest - it is on this land that he believes that he can do the most. In his hands, he has a single gold coin. He gazes into it, and in his eyes we see a careful consideration. Perhaps he is dreaming of what it could bring him. The other knights may think he's a little boring, but this knight is more concerned about the long term future of his kingdom. 

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Upright Knight of Pentacles Meaning

The Knight of Pentacles is about the daily tasks and the responsibility that one has to gain through a specific project. This knight has the patience to accomplish all his given duties and is considered by others reliable and committed to his work. To see this card is an indication that there is a need to be trustworthy and reliable.

This knight has the patience to accomplish all his given duties and is considered by others reliable and committed to his work.

You are fully committed to your assignments and you make sure that you complete your work efficiently. You are absolutely loyal and do the best you can in order to make sure the job will be properly completed. Though your sense of duty is admirable, beware that it does not turn into perfectionism - which can manifest itself in every aspect of your life.

The Knight of Pentacles can also represent routine, or the kind of general hard work that you go through everyday. The meaning of the Knight of Pentacles also advises that the querent should continue to do exactly what he is doing. Sticking with the tried and true methods, he will accomplish everything he has set out to do. Sometimes, going with what has already done is not necessarily bad.

Upright Love Meaning Upright Career Meaning Upright Finances Meaning
loyal but stubborn lover, steady, secure relationship focus and drive, slow and steady work, hard work slow and steady financial growth, conservation, frugality

Tarot Love Meaning - Upright Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles is hardworking and diligent. He is patient, reliable and steady, though sometimes deeply absorbed in his work. They prefer not to take risks in love, as well as elsewhere in their lives. It is difficult to get this person to change their minds; which means they can be stubborn, but also a very trustworthy and dedicated partner. The Knight of Pentacles tarot love meaning can also suggest a relationship that is deep and reliable, but not very exciting. If you’re at a point where you would like commitment, stability and security in your love life, this card can be a welcome sight. It indicates a partnership in which both of you will be working towards your long term goals together.

Career Meaning - Upright Knight of Pentacles

When it comes to work, the Knight of Pentacles suggests ambition, drive and focus. You are very much committed to your goals, however far away in the future they may be. It’s likely that you’ll do anything you can do achieve them, so you’re prepared to put in the hard work and the blood, sweat and tears. You have a slow and steady approach, and believe that hard work is rewarded. Should you be searching for a job, you’ll need to prove your reliability and your dedication to a prospective employer.

Finances Meaning - Upright Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Pentacles builds his financial future slowly, but steadily. He avoids taking big risks, and prefers things that are as safe and reliable as he is. You may be budgeting and slowly saving for a long term goal. Some frugality may be helpful now. 

Reversed Knight of Pentacles Meaning

When the reversed Knight of Pentacles shows up in a reading, the traits that were once positive in the upright position are now taken to the extreme. You may feel stuck in your own routine, and bored of everything that surrounds you. You may desire a change of scenery in order to avoid this tiring repetition. The Knight of Pentacles reversed could also indicate that you have totally ignored many serious aspects of your life. Financial or personal issues are often be neglected in favor of work matters when this card appears reversed.

Financial or personal issues are often be neglected in favor of work matters when this card appears reversed.

You may be a driven and ambitious person who struggles to carry the weight of your responsibilities - so much so that you sacrifice your social life. Perhaps you can try taking more risks, or spend more time with friends and loved ones. The Knight of Pentacles reversed is a strong indication that you need to change this way of living, lest you risk burnout and exhaustion.

Reversed Love Meaning Reversed Career Meaning Reversed Finances Meaning
dull relationship, homebody, neglecting relationship little ambition, too much ambition, workaholic, obsessed with work wasting money, impulsive purchases, risky purchases

Tarot Love Meaning - Reversed Knight of Pentacles

It may be that your love life is getting rather dull and stale lately. You may feel like a homebody that prefers to enjoy their time alone rather than take any emotional risks, and face possible rejection amongst others. If you’re in a relationship, you may feel a bit desperate for change. It may be that one of you spends so much time at work, or all their energy on practical, financial or career matters that they don’t prioritize the relationship. Make sure that the two of you carve out time in your busy lives to just be with one another, or try something spontaneous to bring a much needed breath of fresh air into your partnership.

Career Meaning - Reversed Knight of Pentacles

Are you lacking in ambition? Do you find that you have little motivation when it comes to work? One possible meaning of the reversed Knight of Pentacles is that you’re not working hard enough to make your career dreams come true. Alternatively, you may be so obsessed with your career goals, that you sacrifice everything else to achieve them. Your love life may be in shambles, you may barely meet friends, and have all but forgotten close family members. Do you still remember how to have fun? It may be better in the long run to develop a better work-life balance. Don’t burn yourself out. 

Finances Meaning - Reversed Knight of Pentacles

Wasting resources can be signaled by the Knight of Pentacles reversed tarot card meaning. Instead of being careful, you may be very impulsive with your purchases, finding out later that what you bought wasn’t what you were hoping for or needed. Try and be more careful. Before you buy that big ticket item, do all your research.

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