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Three of Pentacles Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings

By Tina Gong


Three of Pentacles Keywords

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords
teamwork, shared goals, collaboration, apprenticeship, effort, pooling energy lack of cohesion, lack of teamwork, apathy, poor motivation, conflict, ego, competition
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Three of Pentacles Meaning - Original Rider Waite Tarot Depiction

Three of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

The Three of Pentacles displays a young apprentice who works in a cathedral. In front of him, there are two others, a priest and a nobleman of some sort, that are holding plans of the cathedral on a piece of parchment. We can tell from the way the apprentice has raised his head that he is discussing his progress on building the cathedral. The two others are keenly listening to him in order to more clearly understand what is needed of them and how they can provide guidance. Despite the apprentice being less experienced, the two others listen to him because they know his ideas and his experience are fundamental in the successful completion of the whole building. The Three of Pentacles therefore represents the coming together of different kinds of knowledge in order to build something together. 

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Upright Three of Pentacles Meaning

The threes in the tarot represent the successful completion of a goal - it takes the sources of energy in the ace and the twos and adds a foundational factor, and usually involves a group of some sort. In this scenario, the upright three of pentacles meaning is that there is a successful achievement of all the requirements to pursue your business, deal, venture or any other kind of endeavor. Successful projects usually require different kinds of expertise, and at this moment, the Three of Pentacles means that all the skills required are coming together. In short, you are enjoying enjoying working together as part of a team, and also in the initial success of this bigger project.

Successful projects usually require different kinds of expertise, and at this moment, the Three of Pentacles means that all the skills required are coming together.

The three pentacles reveals a successful beginning towards achieving your goals, it is a sign of encouragement that you should press on with the same effort without giving up. You may struggle to accomplish your goals as an individual, but the Three of Pentacles also teaches people not ignore the talents of the others that surround you. You need the collaboration of others, with diverse viewpoints, experiences and expertise to accomplish something more than you could have ever dreamed of.

Upright Love Meaning Upright Career Meaning Upright Finances Meaning
doing projects with partner, feeling like a team, love at work / creative hobbies working as team, collaborates with others, diverse skill sets and opinions learning about finances, getting advice on creating budget

Tarot Love Meaning - Upright 3 of Pentacles 

Love and teamwork can come hand in hand with the 3 of Pentacles tarot love meaning. If you’re in a relationship, you may find it particularly pleasurable to work on projects together with your lover; couples can learn more about one another and deepen their trust by developing plans for the future together, working on their home, or collaborating on creative projects. By coming together as a team, the two of you are likely to also feel supported as partners, with unique talents and weaknesses that create a harmonious balance. If you’re single, you may find that love comes through collaboration at work or through your creative hobbies.

Career Meaning - Upright 3 of Pentacles

The 3 of Pentacles suggests that you are pooling your experience and skills together with a larger group to accomplish shared goals. Collaboration may be very important to your success now, and it can be that your projects will require cohesion among people with very different skill sets, experiences, ideas and processes. You’ll have to work hard to make sure that these diverse opinions are all focused towards accomplishment. Keep in mind the greater goal; this will help you all come together instead of arguing. Support your teammates and trust their expertise, while sharing your own unique perspective. 

This card can also indicate a period of learning and building your qualifications. You’re likely to deal with your new challenges well. 

Finances Meaning - Upright 3 of Pentacles

When it comes to finances, you may find that working with someone with financial experience can be helpful for you now. Others may be able to help you build a budget, and get on track towards your material goals. If this doesn’t apply to you, the 3 of Pentacles may also be about simply learning more about what it takes to get your finances together. This period of learning can be very beneficial for you in the long run.

Reversed Three of Pentacles Meaning

The Three of Pentacles reversal meaning indicates that there is lack of team work; it shows that people are working against each other and undermining the project along the way. There seems to be too much competition between them - each person is trying to display superiority. This result to scarcity of resources - too many people are viewing their project partners as competitors.

When you are in such a team, it is good to ensure that you try as much as possible to inspire camaraderie. With this constant bickering, it is hard for the projects in the reversed Three of Pentacles to come into completion. You may find that people are not listening to others, and everyone is working for themselves. This difference in motives and ambitions yields complications. If you can be the first to reach out and give everyone a chance to be heard and considered, perhaps this project has a chance to move forward.

Reversed Love Meaning Reversed Career Meaning Reversed Finances Meaning
conflicts in practical life, not being a good teammate in love stress and frustration amongst colleagues, office politics avoiding learning about finances

Tarot Love Meaning - Reversed 3 of Pentacles 

The reversed 3 of Pentacles tarot love meaning can point to a couple that is struggling to work together practically. While the emotions may be there, they have not translated into effort or action. All love requires work, as well as desire. Being together as a couple often means being able to trust your partner to be your teammate, and your fellow collaborator on the long journey of life. How do the two of you split chores? How do you split finances? How about emotional labor? One person in the relationship may be putting in all the work, while the other is taking things for granted. Make sure that both people in your relationship are playing the role of good teammate.

Career Meaning - Reversed 3 of Pentacles

When it comes to work, conflict between your colleagues and yourself may be creating stress and frustration. The people that are meant to be your partners are creating more headaches for you, instead of helping you. Coworkers or collaborators may be more self-interested than working for the greater good. There can be competitiveness for resources or attention; everyone wants to be the star. Different teams may be attempting to undermine each other rather than actually listen to what the other needs. Communication errors can be commonplace as well. The reversed 3 of Pentacles can also suggest that your studies are not going well; there may be a lack of effort or motivation to complete your goals. Are you truly challenging yourself?  

Finances Meaning - Reversed 3 of Pentacles

There can be the reluctance to learn about financial matters with the reversed 3 of Pentacles. Instead of looking at your finances directly and seeing what you can do, it may be that anything to do with money or resources scares or drains you, so you would prefer to avoid it entirely. You need to put in the energy to learn about savings, the best bank accounts, credit cards and other financial products before you start using them.

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Three of Pentacles Meaning Tarot Cheat Sheet

Three of Pentacles Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings Cheat Sheet. Art from Golden Thread Tarot.


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