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Queen of Pentacles Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings

By Tina Gong


Queen of Pentacles Keywords

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords
generous, caring, nurturing, homebody, good business sense, practical, comforting, welcoming, sensible, luxurious selfish, unkempt, jealous, insecure, greedy, materialistic, gold digger, intolerant, self-absorbed, envious
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Queen of Pentacles Meaning - Original Rider Waite Tarot Depiction

Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

The Queen of Pentacles card depicts a beautiful woman sitting on a decorated throne holding a golden coin. Surrounding her are beautiful blossoming trees and green floral gardens. Her throne is decorated with various beasts of the earth, tying her closely with nature and abundance. At the bottom of the card, on the right-hand side, a rabbit is pouncing into the frame, which symbolizes her high energy and fertility. The Queen of Pentacles, therefore, depicts a certain level of success and prosperity. But the rabbit at the bottom cautions us that we should be careful of where we leap when we are chasing that success.

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Upright Queen of Pentacles Meaning

The Queen of Pentacles represents both a down-to-earth woman who plays many roles to ensure that she keeps her family happy. She knows how and when to show love - keeping an orderly home, cooking comforting meals and takes care of the children. But do not mistake her for being only a homebody - alongside all these motherly attributes, she can plan business ventures and execute her plans successfully. It is through her naturally talented business sense that she is surrounded by such luxury. She is quiet and does not like disclosing her financial accounts, fearing that it could bring more complexity to her life, which she desires to keep rather simple. She may have a secret bank account that nobody knows about - for she may choose to be careful, vigilant and self-sufficient.

But do not mistake her for being only a homebody - alongside all these motherly attributes, she can plan business ventures and execute her plans successfully.

The Queen of Pentacles therefore represents a motherly figure who desires to help you maneuver your way and achieve your goals with a the helping of her common sense. She will not only show you love, but she will also show you the way forward whenever you seem to be stranded and confused. With her advice, she will ensure that you do not make dangerous financial decisions. She offers you precautions, principles and support, all lessons that she has learned in her personal life. Because she is a self-made woman, she wants too for you to be independent and wise, such that you are also able to raise others and make them responsible.

Upright Love Meaning Upright Career Meaning Upright Finances Meaning
stability, abundance, nurturing, kind partner, domestic comfort talented business person, mentor, colleague financial security, responsible with finances, good deals

Tarot Love Meaning - Upright Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles is a worldly, practical, generous, hardworking and warm person, who has a talent both for business as well as a love of comfort and luxury. She enjoys making her home welcoming, always delighted to have guests. Single folks right now should be in a wonderful position to choose a partner that truly brings something into your life. You’ll likely have high standards, and hope for someone who has the same level of dedication, commitment and ambition as you do. If you’re already in a relationship, you may find that the two of you are enjoying a stable, fruitful and prosperous time in your life together. You can certainly afford to indulge a little and treat yourselves.

Career Meaning - Upright Queen of Pentacles

When it comes to all things career oriented, the Queen of Pentacles tarot card can bring great success. She is a talented businesswoman who is practical, organized and very capable in anything she puts her mind to. In your life, she can appear as a successful person, who may make a great mentor, colleague or business partner. If you do choose to collaborate with her, you’ll find that her vast skill set will be invaluable to your career or your professional projects. If she offers advice, listen to it; she cares for you, and will help you accomplish your goals. 

Finances Meaning - Upright Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacles offers abundance, success, and material security. You may find that after a period of hard work, you have all that you need to feel comfortable. This card represents a responsible person, who knows how to balance enjoying life’s pleasures, with practicality, frugality and good taste. She’ll always look for a good deal, but will never compromise on quality.

Reversed Queen of Pentacles Meaning

When the Queen of Pentacles becomes disconnected with the energy of her suit, she can become someone who is completely self-absorbed. Gone is the upright generosity in her suit, she can be selfish and even envious when others successes seem greater than hers. Upright, her home is usually a sanctuary for her guests, but reversed it may instead be slovenly - she loses the ability to take care of herself and her surroundings. Her focus on the material may manifest negatively, making her greedy, and yet lacking in her sense of duty and capability. How can she ground herself again, how can she re-enter the sacred relationship she naturally feels with the earth and all its living creatures?

Her focus on the material may manifest negatively, making her greedy, and yet lacking in her sense of duty and capability.

The Queen of Pentacles reversed may also indicate that you have misplaced priorities, which may eventually be compromising to your future. You may find yourself distracted and unable to focus on your work and your long-term goals. You could also be busy working on projects without taking time to consult experienced people who can guide you away from mistakes. 

This card could also suggest those that you care for are now ready to become accountable and responsible for their own lives. You must learn to let go and given them their independence - the role of caregiver is most rewarding when your loved ones have grown strong enough to make their own decisions.

Reversed Love Meaning Reversed Career Meaning Reversed Finances Meaning
shallow and selfish partner, relationship for wrong reasons bad business partner, unreliable or jealous colleague money mismanagement, hoarding

Tarot Love Meaning - Reversed Queen of Pentacles

This person can be selfish and shallow, easily coveting what others have. Their own insecurity makes it so that they are often jealous and possessive, and this can extend to their lovers and relationships as well, so that they are controlling and often treat their partners more like objects to show off rather than having any serious strong affection or love for them. If you’re single, the Queen of Pentacles tarot love meaning can signal that you may need to take some time on developing your own confidence and healing any insecurities you have before entering a relationship with another person. Avoid getting into relationships for the wrong reasons; whether it’s for status, money or simply because you don’t want to be alone. Should you be in a relationship, avoid treating your lover as something to have; lovers need to consider each other partners with their own feelings, needs and desires, and be more respectful of one another’s autonomy.

Career Meaning - Reversed Queen of Pentacles

Your career can be a bit chaotic right now, meaning that you may find it hard to get a stable income. Don’t be afraid to do as the Queen of Pentacles does, and get your hands dirty. Let her confidence in her capabilities inspire you. As a person, she may symbolize a colleague or a business partner, but one that may be lazy or terrible at managing her tasks. Be cautious, as she may create more problems that you would otherwise not need to solve. 

Sometimes, this card can also symbolize a person who is jealous of your work position, and may create problems for you covertly. Beware of gossip or envy.

Finances Meaning - Reversed Queen of Pentacles

The reversed Queen of Pentacles may be terrible with her finances, making it easy for her to mismanage her money. This card can suggest a time when you are being too materialistic or shallow. Avoid hoarding cash or objects as a means of quieting your insecurities.

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