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Two of Pentacles Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings

By Tina Gong


Two of Pentacles Keywords

Upright Keywords Reversed Keywords
balancing resources, adaptation, resourcefulness, flexibility, stretching resources imbalance, unorganized, overwhelmed, messiness, chaos, overextending
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Two of Pentacles Meaning - Original Rider Waite Tarot Depiction

Two of Pentacles Tarot Card Description

The Two of Pentacles card depicts a man who is dancing as he is juggling two large coins. The pentacles are surrounded by the infinity sign that denotes that the person can handle all the issues the come his way and he can manage his life with grace. In the background, you will notice that there are two ships that are riding the giant waves, and they reinforce the balancing act that the man has to face - he is in rough and choppy waters, but manages to stay afloat. The Two of Pentacles depicts the usual ups and downs that occur in one’s life. Despite all the chaos that surrounds him, the man lives a very carefree life as he dances, and handles all that comes to him with joy.

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Upright Two of Pentacles Meaning

The Two of Pentacles is a card about balance - the coins are displayed in a manner that is precarious, any small change in wind or weight can tip and send them falling. For those that may have more coins to go around, they can afford to be less careful, but at this moment things may be tight. Wealth too, is a kind of energy, and it is the kind whose goings in and goings out are easiest and most tangible to see. 

For those that may have more coins to go around, they can afford to be less careful, but at this moment things may be tight.

There is a possibility that you are trying hard to keep the two aspects of your life in a perfect and delicate balance. This could be your career, money, love and health. The balancing act depicted in the card suggests that there are two major factors that you are deeply concerned about. It is time for you to step back to have a better perspective of the situation. While you may initially think it will save you time, multi-tasking may just worsen the situation. Cut down on your tasks and concentrate on these two factors that are troubling you.

You've done a good job keeping things stable, for you seem to be able to adapt well to all the changes that ask you to continually re-balance.

When it comes to love, the Two of Pentacles is associated with your inability to provide the energy and time required to make your partner happy. Your partnership should be your main priority, but with all the madness in other areas of your life, you are finding it hard to devote your attention to your loved ones. With regards to finances, you should pay heed on the bottom line. You should have a clear picture on your financial state. Plan your finances accordingly, control your expenditures and increase your stream of income to create a solid foundation for your future. In terms of health, this card is asking you to find a balance between your own well-being and your responsibilities. It's easy to make yourself the last priority when you have so many things happening around you. 

Upright Love Meaning Upright Career Meaning Upright Finances Meaning
balancing love / work / family, adapting to changes in love juggling work projects, being resourceful at work tight finances, prioritizing bills, unstable finances

Tarot Love Meaning - Upright 2 of Pentacles 

You’ll need to put on a balancing act with the 2 of Pentacles tarot love meaning. This card generally appears when you have many responsibilities you’ll need to take care of, and love may be the last thing on your mind. You may be feeling strained, juggling your relationship, career and family issues. All things require effort, and if you consider your relationship important, be careful to not neglect your partner. If you’re single right now, you may have to make some careful calculations about whether you are ready practically for love right now. You may need to decide what is most important to you, and make some choices to prioritize or de-prioritize romance.

Career Meaning - Upright 2 of Pentacles

You may be juggling many projects right now at work, when you draw the 2 of Pentacles in a career tarot reading. This is likely to be a more hectic time than usual, and things are either dumped on you at the last minute, that weren't’ meant to be your responsibility, or you have been accepting them in order to attain a better position. Others may be impressed by how much you’re able to handle, and just how resourceful you are. Ideally, this is just a temporary state. Be wary that you don’t accept more work than you can handle, or that coworkers and bosses get used to giving you all the work that nobody wants to do. If this continues, make sure you get compensated adequately for it! Sometimes, this card can also point towards balancing your career goals with other aspects of your life. 

Finances Meaning - Upright 2 of Pentacles

The 2 of Pentacles suggests that you’re working hard to make sure all your bills are paid. You may have to do a juggling act right now, as things can be rather tight. Sometimes, the 2 of Pentacles can also point towards the need to make some important choices when it comes to your money. Things feel very uncertain and you’re likely on unstable ground right now. Everything seems to change so quickly, meaning you may be very hesitant on making that choice. Remain adaptable, and you’ll be able to come out of this situation just fine.

Reversed Two of Pentacles Meaning

When the Two of Pentacles is in reversed position, it can mean that you are trying to juggle much too many things in your life. You need to take at least a short break to eliminate the stress. In case you are feeling that you can’t handle everything, you need to consider your own well-being and provide yourself with a time to breathe. In your work, the Two of Pentacles reversal can be a positive omen. Avoid committing to a lot of things since it will overwhelm you.

In your finances, you need to learn how to live in your capacity. The Two of Pentacles reversal meaning reminds you to be aware of your income and expenditures since overspending can become a large issue, especially when you are being pulled in many directions.

Reversed Love Meaning Reversed Career Meaning Reversed Finances Meaning
neglecting love, neglecting partner, not focused on love being overworked, too many projects, things falling through cracks too many bills, can’t keep up with payments

Tarot Love Meaning - Reversed 2 of Pentacles 

You may find it difficult to keep your balancing act going, when the reversed 2 of Pentacles appears in a love tarot reading. With so many conflicts and demands on you, you may not even know that your partner is feeling neglected. It seems like everything is a bigger priority than they are, and there may be some resentment as they feel they are being taken for granted. If you’re single, this card can suggest that you may have to make a choice between two potential lovers, or that you are too busy and overwhelmed to make romance a priority in your life right now. Take your time; return when you are ready to make room in your busy life for love.

Career Meaning - Reversed 2 of Pentacles

Are you taking on too many projects right now? Have you been just saying “yes” when your boss asks you to do something, even though you don’t have the time? Deadlines may be looming, and the pressure is ever increasing. Your work life can be creating considerable stress for you now. Now is the time to stand up for yourself, ask for help, renegotiate deadlines and prioritize your work. If you’re not careful, things could be falling through the cracks, creating more trouble for you. You are only human, and the faster your boss or colleagues understand this, the better it is for everyone.

Finances Meaning - Reversed 2 of Pentacles

Resources may be tight, and it seems that no matter what you do, you can’t figure out how to pay all your bills. As soon as money comes in, it seems like it’s immediately spent - rent, groceries, utilities, and suddenly - poof. This is not an uncommon situation unfortunately. Take a close look at your budget, or create one if you haven’t already, to see what you can cut out. Ask for a raise, or find a side project that can generate a bit of income for you. If you can, finding a professional to help you create a plan can be beneficial to you.

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